Who you are is Who you Become!

To grow in this industry, you must have mentors, philosophers and leaders. You must have this from beginning to end to be successful. If you as an Insurance Agent have taken any or all of these as a title, then you must be willing to give a 100% to all who follow you.

From now to the end of time, the number one problem in the insurance industry is not the products, the commissions or what company you are with. The problem lies only within you, the Insurance Agent, and that is prospecting. If anyone had figured this problem out long ago, everyone globally would be doing this. But this problem persists and remains to be one of the biggest unforeseen and unforgiving obstacles known to our industry. Only those who stand tall, day after day and face these obstacles head on will succeed.

Prospecting is the number one cause of both success and failure. Whether you prospect for agents or clients, you have to start from square one and that is with who you have made of yourself. Knowing the turmoil of this outcome, you must now position yourself for success by having mentors, philosophers and leaders to look up to. The only light you see at the end of the tunnel is the one you hung there yourself when your journey began. To make sure you have the brightest light to find your way to the top, you must make sure you take the right steps and the right path to get there. With this being said, we will now show you how bright the light at the end of the tunnel can actually be.

Here at PDS, we provide you with the mentors, philosophers and leaders it takes for you to be successful. PDS.Remarking.It is the tool you need to be successful in the Insurance Industry.  After using our program, you will not only be successful, but you will be ethical as well. Now you can proudly say you are an Insurance Agent.

  -Evelyn Morgan, September 2013