Building an Online Reputation!

As an Insurance Agent, one of the biggest tools you have at your disposal is your reputation. If you think back, as far back as you can remember; reputation is the most important. Remember how in high school how it was always a popularity contest, from prom to homecoming and class president. Things are the same today if you take a good hard look. There are a few differences, such as what we’re competing for. Instead of prom king or queen, today we compete for business, to make more money or to b e the most successful.  So even though high school is long behind us, reputation is still number one.

Today, we have to worry about a different type of reputation. Now our online reputation means more to consumers than most fail to realize. The old habits of most productive agents are used to following with great success are rapidly becoming antique. Technology has taken over and it is not soon to slow down. We must now learn to adapt and update our techniques or be left behind. These new skills are easy to learn for those who are willing.

There are 80 Social Media Rules that should be followed, according to Jeremy Waite, head of social strategy at Adobe, to get the most out of your social media and to get the best response. I’m not going to overwhelm you with all of them at once, so here are the first five. I will explain how these rules should be followed by Insurance Agents and how they will benefit you in your industry as well.

Rule 1: Obey the rules!
Simple enough, right? These rules are here to help you be successful using Social Media and or System along with the training you have already received as an Insurance Agent.


Rule 2:  Social Media is all about your audience, be they consumers, viewers, fans, followers or users. It has nothing to do with you or what you think!
So, that means post things that appeal to your clients and future clients wants and needs over your own and ask their opinion about the things you post to get feedback.


Rule 3: The best followers lead from the middle of the pack, usually by example.
Don’t worry if you’re not number 1, 2 or 3. It’s ok to be in the middle, so don’t worry if you’re not taking the lead.
Rule 4: One active user is a BIG deal! The average Facebook user has 249 friends. And their 249 friends each have 249 friends. Therefore 1 piece of great content has the chops to reach 2.7 Million people within only 3 social media generations!
So, no matter if your first post gets likes or not, continue to post. Get the posts flowing and use these rules to help you post useful, realavant things that your fans friends and clients like and you will see leads coming in!


Rule 5: If you actually spoke to people the way most social media advertising speaks to people, they would punch you in the face!
I do not recommend trying it, but you need to be blunt and honest about everything you post. Do not sugar coat it, cause if you do you won’t get the response you are looking for! Ask them straight out “If you were to die today, what would happen to your children? What if you got into a car wreck or got diagnosed with cancer, wouldn’t you struggle to make ends meet? I know for a fact you would. But I also know for a fact, there is a way to know that your family will be protected in the event of a car wreck, death or the diagnosis of cancer. Want to know how?” It’s that simple!


Keep checking back for the next set of rules!