“Word-of-mouth formats such as recommendations from family and friends and consumer opinions posted online prompted the highest levels of self-reported action among 84 percent and 70 percent of respondents, respectively”

Social Media Remark Management

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Are you an Advertising or Consulting firm working in vertical markets such as insurance, auto, real estate or with medical professionals like doctors and dentists.

  • Are you looking for ways to help your clients utilize Social Media to increase their referral business.
  • Are you trying to help clients increase their SERPs position in their category on search engines.
  • Are you looking for an honest and ethical way to target the most likely prospective customers for your clients without a lot of wasted messaging to non-interested consumers?
  • Would you like to have your client stop running Needle-In-A-Haystack marketing programs like TV, Radio or Newspaper ads and focus on what really works.
  • Are you tired of trying to game their SEO positions by manipulation of their websites with black/gray-hat techniques?

Move your clients to a Social Media Remark Management service and accomplish all of these goals.  Spend less on other media companies and provide better/deeper consulting opportunities for your firm to gain a larger share-of-wallet of your clients media budget.

Here is how it works:

We provide you with a white-label service for your client to take their current customers and get them to endorse them using a simple survey tool; which becomes the path of least resistance to the top of search engines and the back door into your client’s network of friends, family and co-workers.  Getting satisfied customers to tell their downstream network of friends, family and co-workers about your client becomes the easiest, most ethical way to gain sold referrals from the most “trusted” sources of information available – their customers.

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It all starts with trust.  Click on the Nielsen Trust Study below to learn about the latest facts that show how our approach out-ranks all other methods for attracting highly-targeted clientele in an honest and ethical way with one of the lowest costs per referral of any type of media program.


Authority Perceived or Real

Social Media Remark Management using the “trust” principal outlined by the Nielsen study is a sure way to gain solid referrals from the downstream network of your current client’s friends, family and co-workers.  But take it a step further and you tie together the conundrum of creating an authentic and viable sales process for non-sales professionals by becoming an authority in their field.  By adding authoritative content to your client’s web site/blog you can create a richer profile of what they offer and who they are as an organization or service professional. When your client’s downstream social network views this content they (and search engines) are more likely to believe that your client is the person who is a likely supplier of solutions based on the volume of authoritative content.

“What other people say about you is more important than what you say about yourself… Fact is Authority is perception. Perceived authority can outrank actual authority, because both the general public and even the most powerful search engine look to what others say about you as the most relevant piece of information to determine your authority. ” (Copyblogger signup for their free course http://www.copyblogger.com/content-marketing/ )

Marketo and Copyblogger at 2012 Salesforce Dreamforce event.

Marketo and Copyblogger at 2012 Salesforce Dreamforce event.

See this as a slidshare: http://www.slideshare.net/marketo/content-and-social-marketing-secrets-from-copyblogger-and-marketo

Having an authoritative voice online gains higher search engine results as well as the opportunity for others who don’t know your client to review your authoritative materials before they commit to contacting them.  Eventually over time, collecting enough relevant material and recreating it in their own words will build a vast library of material based on your client’s chosen topic to specialize in. When you get down to it, most people don’t take the time, don’t stay focused and refuse to be productive enough so your slightly better effort will usually win out. Take the next step to engage your client’s current customers to write remarks about them and then dynamically post that on social media so their authority will be recognized and spread by their customer’s own words to their friends, family and co-workers in their down-stream social network. (Out of all internet users 67% are using social networks… the average Facebook user has 245 connections ~ PEW Research)

Authority isn’t being bossy or pushy it is simply about building a foundation on the subjects and ideas your client already knows and has learned and understood about their body of knowledge.  And with the Internet this is a relatively easy thing to do. More importantly if you help your client to collect those ideas into a blog post and organize them so that search engines can find them (also read read REL=AUTH at https://plus.google.com/authorship ) and other tricks for being found, you can get them to appear to their industry, their customers and to search engines as an authority.  Simply put, after creating a foundation of authority (content) the best way to spread this is to ask people who see them as an authority to post their remarks about them on social media.

In a recent article by Kaysha Kalkofen on Reputation management. Online business reviews: why they matter and how to get them.


She writes about her rational…

“The more consumer feedback you receive, the more relevant you will appear to search engines. And the more relevant you appear, the more likely you are to be placed at the top of the search engine results page.”




Being perceived as the “Go-To” person in an area is about becoming the authority. Don’t loose this simple yet effective method of helping to grow your client’s reference base and pushing

their category search results (SERPs) to the top of search engines by asking for and getting remarks posted about your client online by their current clients… word-of-mouth.

As the prospect of trying to game the system fades away (buying reviews or using other black/gray-hat techniques) due to a variety of factors, authoritative content that others are willing to endorse becomes the path of least resistance to the top of search engines and the back door into your client’s customer network of friends, family and co-workers.  Getting satisfied customers to tell their downstream network of friends, family and co-workers about your client’s  important and useful content becomes the easiest, most ethical way to gain sold referrals from the most “trusted” sources of information available – your client’s customers.

We are interested in developing partnerships with marketing and consulting organizations working in each of their respective marketplaces.  We have partnerships in Real Estate, Automobile, Insurance, Medical Tourism and many others. Start the conversation by dropping us a line for a complete demo and a review of our partnership program.

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